Micro Lodge Tiny Home

Micro Lodge Tiny Home

Interest in minimalist living has been increasing lately and tiny houses are becoming a trend. Today we will introduce you to the ‘Micro Lodge Tiny Home’ suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

The reason why tiny houses are in trend is that people are bored with city life. It is the desire to get away from the crowd, relax and find peace in nature. These houses are everywhere in the forest, by the sea, in your backyard, under the sky, you can position your house anywhere and you can move it to the location you want.

There are different types of tiny houses. You need to choose the tiny house that best suits your living conditions, tastes and budget. You can examine other tiny house models on our website and create your own dream tiny house.

Micro Lodge

This lovingly crafted tiny wheelhouse is located in Marble Falls, Texas, United States. The house, which can be rented through Airbnb, is about 45 minutes from North Austin and 5 minutes from Marble Falls. Marble Falls is a lovely lake community. It is a place with shopping malls, restaurants and art galleries. At the same time, Lakeshore park has a gorgeous beach and a great area for swimming.

Located in a 9-acre hill countryside, there is a creek and tons of chickens near the house. Tucked between trees, the exterior of the house features a charcoal grill and fire pit. Here you can find peace in nature.

The rustic appearance of the house amazes those who see it. The house is handmade using reclaimed wood and every inch of the house is an artistic feast.

There is a blue sofa in the interior of the house. The sofa transforms into a double bed. The kitchen has all the necessary equipment to make good meals. The dining table on the side is folding. The bathroom with a view looks very stylish. In the attic there is a large bed.


Micro Lodge Tiny Home

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