Escape Tiny House

Escape Tiny House

Today, we will introduce you to Escape Tiny House, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

Escape Tiny house is a house produced by Escape Home company. It is headquartered in the RVIA controlled factory in Rice Lake, WI. It is a company that has been designing award-winning houses for the last 25 years. There are corporate units throughout America. Escape Tiny House was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and Seve Jobs from Wisconsin. The products are completely handmade and resistant to heavy snow, cold and scorching temperatures.

Escape Tiny House

Escape Tiny House is designed in two sizes, 8.5 m and larger 10.3 m. These two models are 24 m2 and 32 m2 respectively. The second model is considerably larger than the first model.

It is covered with recycled woods and has a rural look. It also has a single pitched roof. The windows in the middle of the house are quite large. At the same time, the window under the roof at the front is very well thought out in terms of receiving sunlight.

The thing that attracts attention in the house is the large number of cabinets for storage space. At the same time, light colors were preferred and a spacious environment was created due to the large number of windows. LED is used as lighting.

At the entrance of Escape Tiny House, there is a kitchen in the middle of the house. The kitchen is very useful and large. The cabinets here are very useful for storage. Opposite the kitchen there is an area that you can use as a dining table or a work desk. You can watch the view outside from the front window.

There is a toilet and a bathroom on the right side of the kitchen. It is designed quite large and useful here. There is a mezzanine floor above this section. You can climb the mezzanine floor with a ladder.

On the left side of the kitchen is the area used as a living room and you can also use it as a bed. There is a second mezzanine floor above this section. You can climb the stairs here.