Toy Box Tiny House

Toy Box Tiny House

Today, we will introduce you to the colorful Toy Box Tiny House, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

This tiny house is designed by Paul Schultz and manufactured by Toy Box Tiny Home company. It can be designed according to customers’ request.

Toy Box Tiny House is designed in a modern way. This house is a place of peace, simplicity, happiness and fun. It is a concept full of colors with an original shape and a different design.

The house looks pretty cute from the outside. Green, red and yellow colors are used outside and some parts are covered with wood. The harmony of window sills and exterior moldings is very good. You will feel peaceful in this house.

A peaceful environment welcomes you in the house. It is veneered with light wood and used in different colors. LEDs are used for lighting.

The hall greets you at the entrance. Since the door opposite the hall is floor-to-ceiling glass, it creates a spacious environment at home. The sofa in the living room can turn into a bed. It is quite stylish to use outside colors in the living room.

There is a kitchen on the side of the living room and it is designed very useful. You can watch the view from small windows. There is a dining table on the opposite side and you can watch the view from the window here.

At the end of the house there is a toilet and a bathroom. The mezzanine above the toilet and bathroom is designed as a bedroom. The bedroom has small windows like in the kitchen. You can climb to this section by ladder.

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