Traditional Style Tiny House

Traditional Style Tiny House

Today, we will introduce you to the Traditional Style Tiny House, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

Maringotka is a traditionally designed mobile home with a contemporary interpretation. Designed by the Prague studio architect, this house is available in two standard models. Designed as 24 m2, this house has a single floor.

When looking at the house from the outside, it is the nostalgic wheels that attract attention. Black color is preferred for the outer coating of Maringotka. In the front of the house, the middle part is covered with a floor-to-ceiling glass window. Black color is preferred for the shutters.

Unlike the exterior, light colors are preferred in the interiors of Maringotka. The large floor-to-ceiling windows used in the front of the house and large windows on the side create a spacious environment inside. Black cheetahs around the windows blend in with the outside. It also looks very stylish on the black stove.

At the entrance of the house, an area that you can use as a dining room or a desk is waiting for you. There is a handy kitchen right next to it. Cabinets in the kitchen are sufficient in terms of storage space. Opposite the kitchen there is a toilet and a bathroom. The dog picture in the bathroom looks beautiful.

To the left of the dining table is a very large bedroom. You can watch the view from the window above the bed.