Millennial Tiny House

Millennial Tiny House


Today we will review a new Tiny House for you. Our tiny house today is from New Zealand. This tiny house is located in Katikati in Plenty Bay on Airbnb.

This modern home has large windows, making the house appear larger and more spacious than usual. At the same time, a larger area is created with the retractable ladder. There is a large storage compartment under the living room floor. The staircase provides access to the mezzanine of the master bedroom, and the bars on the wall act as a staircase to the very original office mezzanine. The second does not go up to the wall, so it is possible to sit on the floor to use the space-saving table.

The house is made entirely of steel frame. This small house measures 7.2 m – 2.4 m

For more information about this tiny house, you can visit the Build Tiny site here.