Swallowtail Tiny House

Swallowtail Tiny House

Today we will introduce you to the Swallowtail Tiny House, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

Swallowtail Tiny House is an Australian firm manufactured by Tiny House Company.

Swallowtail Tiny House offers a modern structure and a bright living space with its butterfly roof and large windows. It draws attention with its wheeled structure, flexible and functional structure. The butterfly roof is made of paulownia wood and has a corrugated structure to direct rainwater down. It has provided a modern structure by being made of different colors and corrugated coating on its exterior. The roof in the butterfly structure was built with the cross ventilation in mind and at the same time, it offers a wide view with its tall windows. The blinds in the windows are designed not to restrict your view.


It offers a wide and modern usage area in the interior of the house. The objects used in the house add a different atmosphere. Due to the large windows and the use of light colors, a very spacious environment has been created.

There are a wide variety of usage and storage areas in the kitchen. The dining table next to the entrance door and the area next to it are used as a study table.

The area used as a living room can also be used as a bedroom. Above the living room is used as an attic. You can also use this part as a bedroom or storage area. One of the highlights of this house is the retractable staircase that provides access to the attic. Due to this feature of the staircase, both floors have gained space.

The area designed as a toilet and bathroom is designed in a modern way. A spacious area is created with the window inside.

For more information on Swallowtail Tiny House, check out Tiny House Company website.

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