Pohutukawa Tiny House

Pohutukawa Tiny House

Today, we will introduce a Pohutukawa tiny house suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams. This tiny house is produced in New Zealand.

Pohutukawa tiny house offers a large living space both indoors and outdoors. This tiny house is a house on wheels that can accommodate up to six people. It has been adapted to be the largest and permanent accommodation in the Pohutukawa production center. Indoor and outdoor lifestyle is combined with a patio door that opens centrally on the side of the house. This door was determined as the focal point of this design.

This tiny house has been designed with a contemporary aesthetic. A large section welcomes you at the entrance. You can have good moments with your loved ones here. There is a large kitchen area to your left. The kitchen is fully equipped: dishwasher, oven / microwave, hob, hood, sink, refrigerator, freezer. The kitchen has a lot of storage space and a large dining area.

There is a bedroom on the mezzanine above the kitchen. It has a bed capacity of 160 x 200. You can easily climb the mezzanine floor with the ladder. There are compartments for your storage space on the right side of the entrance. It has an area where you can put the washing machine. It has a large bathroom area. The bathroom has a shower tray, sink, toilet and a heated towel rail. The mezzanine above the bathroom can be a TV / Game room or a double bed or two single beds.

The mezzanines on the exterior have a single sloped roof that provides high ceiling height. There is only one window in the back of the house to protect privacy. The exterior is black painted plywood and the corrugated roof complements the modern New Zealand aesthetic.

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