Ultra Modern Tiny House

Ultra Modern Tiny House

Today we will introduce you to a new Ultra Modern Tiny House suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

This tiny house is located in the Blue Mountains region of Australia. This house belonging to Lisa and Matt is a magnificent house to be seen.


The Ultra Modern Tiny House attracts attention with its super smart design and high quality, designed with wheels. This house is 9 m long, 2.3 m wide and 4.3 m high. Black color is used outside. At the same time, the deck section has been kept quite wide, creating an environment where you can have a pleasant conversation with your friends. The awning used above this part has very modern lines. Under the upper roof of the house, it is completely covered with windows, creating a spacious environment inside.

Ultra Modern Tiny House has a running area for cats at the back. This area, which is connected to the house, looks quite beautiful. It makes perfect sense to give cats a space to go out whenever they want. The cat running in this area enters the house and can shelter next to the heater. Cats will love it.


The interior of the house has very modern lines. Light colors are used. A very spacious environment is created in the house with the windows under the roof and the windows in the ceiling.

The hall welcomes you at the entrance of the house. The lighting and decoration on the upper part looks very elegant. The salon is very useful. You can enjoy cinema here. Next to the seat is the cat’s cage.

There is a very modern and useful kitchen beyond the living room. The kitchen has everything you can find in a large house. You can go up the mezzanine floor from the stairs opposite the kitchen. The space under the stairs is designed as a storage cabinet. There is a toilet and a bathroom in the future. It is quite wide and useful.

There are two bedrooms on the mezzanine floors. The master bedroom is above the bathroom and the other is above the living room. Because of the extra height in the master bedroom, you can stand up. There is a passage to go from the main bedroom to the other bedroom. In this way, the need for a second ladder is eliminated. This bedroom is slightly elevated compared to the master bedroom.

One of the things I like the most in this house is the skylights. Skylights illuminate the house with plenty of light and allow you to watch the sky and stars from your bed. You can close the shutters when you do not want the environment to be extremely hot.

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