Mirrored Glass Cabin – NEST Bunnefjorden

Mirrored Glass Cabin – NEST Bunnefjorden

The number of tiny houses is increasing day by day and these houses are becoming a trend in the world. Today we will introduce you to the ‘Mirrored Glass Cabin – NEST Bunnefjorden’ suitable for the tiny house of your dreams.

You can build tiny houses wherever you want. In your backyard, by the lake, by the sea, in the mountains, in the forest, etc. You can position your house anywhere under the sky. It offers the opportunity to build your house in any location where you can feel peaceful.

The demand for these tiny houses is increasing day by day due to the simple legal procedures of constructing tiny houses, low taxes and low cost. People are looking for a different way of life to get bored of city life and relax. The important thing is to choose the right house for your use and budget. Therefore, you can examine other houses on our website.

Mirrored Glass Cabin

This tiny house with a wonderful view is located in Frogn, Viken, Norway. A unique experience in quiet surroundings only 30 min. outside Oslo and only 200 meters from Bunnefjorden!

All rooms in the house, which can be rented through Airbnb, face the Bunnefjorden and Oslo. You can enjoy the view in the jacuzzi on the deck area at the front of the house. You can eat and relax in this area.

The house looks quite different from the outside. The front part is completely made of glass and offers the opportunity to watch the whole view. The cabin, which allows 4 people to stay, offers a comfortable holiday pleasure to its guests.

Consisting of a main cabin and an annex cabin, the house has 2 queen bedrooms, a kitchen with all the necessary equipment to cook small but fine meals, a sauna with a view and a bathroom.


Mirrored Glass Cabin – NEST Bunnefjorden

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