Musterhaus Tiny House By Tiny Lofts

Musterhaus Tiny House By Tiny Lofts

The interest in minimalist lives is increasing day by day. Today, we will introduce you to the Musterhaus Tiny House By Tiny Lofts, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

This tiny house is produced by Tiny Lofts company in Germany. This house without wheels has a stylish and modern structure. This 30 m2 house is designed without wheels.

Scandinavian breezes are felt on the exterior of the house. Changes can be made to the exterior and interior of the house according to the wishes of the customers and can be produced independently of the system.

A different design has been made on the exterior of the house. The entrance door and the area around it are designed very modern.

A Scandinavian inspired design was made in the interior of the house. Due to the large windows, a spacious environment has been created inside.

The main living area includes a living room and a kitchen. There are comfortable armchairs in the living room. The kitchen has the necessary equipment to cook delicious meals. Cabinets are placed in this area. Dining table and chairs can be hung on the wall to save space. At the same time, the dining table can be moved. The fireplace here adds a different atmosphere to the house.

On the opposite side, there is a toilet and a bathroom with a deep tub. The tiles used in this area are designed very elegantly. There is also a curtain to ensure privacy.

There is a bedroom where a large bed can be placed above the toilet and bathroom. You can watch the view outside from the window here. You can climb the stairs in the main living area to the bedroom.

For more information on Musterhaus Tiny House By Tiny Lofts, visit the Tiny Lofts website.

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