RACV Tiny House

RACV Tiny House


Today we will introduce a different tiny house that can be transported behind a truck.

Maddison Architects signed a contract with RACV to develop an energy efficient tiny house that can be moved behind a truck.

The designers wanted a simple structure in the form of a gable roof. This tiny house is designed to be carried behind the truck.

The tiny house closes like a box thanks to the jacks and the slatted terrace that allow the parts in the windows to be folded. After the assembly is folded, it can be easily transported. Completely grid-independent and interconnected, this tiny house has an all-home integrated connectivity system that allows for Google Home voice control. Almost all systems, including lighting, can be controlled from a smartphone using a mobile application. In this way, they have the opportunity to control the house remotely.

From the entrance, the kitchen occupies almost the entire wall. On the right, there is a toilet and sink on both sides of the bathroom with a shower in the middle. Designed in yellow and black colors throughout the tiny house.

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