Amplified Tiny House with Different Design

Amplified Tiny House with Different Design

Interest in minimalist life is increasing day by day. We continue to discover new tiny houses for you. Today we will introduce you to ‘Amplified Tiny House with Different Design’, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

Amplified Tiny House is a collaborative structure designed between the THN team and Vickery Construction. Featured in Season 4, Episode 9 of Tiny House Nation.

The house is 400 square meters and is built on a foundation. The 160 square meter mobile recording studio next door is built on a trailer.

The studio has a magnificent exterior. It’s designed to look like a giant amp and is waterproof. It also has a soundproof feature.

The foredeck deck area provides the perfect performance space for local bands in Fayetteville outdoors. The exterior of the house is blended with hardwood and black corrugated metal cladding to give it a stylish and modern look.


The interior of the house has a very modern and stylish appearance. Studio and main house large glass garage doors open to the deck area.

The house has a large and useful kitchen. The kitchen, which has white cabinets and black countertops, is also designed as a bar area where four people can sit in a certain part of the counter.

The comfortable and useful living room has an armchair and a table. The table, which is one of the most striking objects of the house, has a gear system and when it is opened, a double-monitor editing studio appears.

The bathroom on the right side of the house has a very stylish appearance. At the same time, the area above the bathroom is designed as a bedroom.

To learn more about ‘Amplified Tiny House with Different Design’, visit the VIVA Collectiv website.

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