CABN: Beautiful Tiny House in South Australia

CABN: Beautiful Tiny House in South Australia

Today we will introduce you to South Australia’s first off-the-grid tiny house.

Everyone wants to escape from city life and be alone with nature. Urban dwellers in Australia are now overwhelmed with overwork and have a new way to live a minimalist off-the-grid life for themselves.

CABN is South Australia’s first sustainable tiny house on wheels. It has a structure with large windows and interesting design. It is placed in special places where you can be in touch with nature. So people can relax. You can be alone with nature away from mobile phones, internet and other distractions.

The CABN design is made from local Australian wood. It also includes a sustainable system such as rainwater basins and solar energy. It offers you a tiny life with its interior, main floor and mezzanine beds, mini kitchens and dining area. The bathroom was built as a separate building with mirrored and glass walls to stay in touch with nature.

One of the CABNs is located on 180 acres of land. It is built next to a conservation park an hour from Adelaide. The location of CABNs is kept confidential until they are reserved. You can enjoy the waterfall, walking areas, bird watching and stargazing.

If you want CABN for your backyard, you can order it from the company. For more information here