Cabane Tiny House

Cabane Tiny House

Today, we will introduce you to CABANE Tiny House, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

Cabane is a new company based in Quebec, which specializes in building tiny homes on wheels, making tiny Scandinavian-style homes.

Cabane Tiny House has an area of 23.8 square meters, 6 meters long and 2.43 meters wide. It offers accommodation for up to five people and has two penthouses.


The house looks very beautiful from the outside. It was designed as a gable roof and in this way two mezzanine floors were formed. On the veranda at the front, you can have pleasant moments in the depths of the forest, alone with nature. Black color is preferred outside the house. It also has two sliding entrance doors on the front and side. You can benefit from the sun’s rays inside with these glass doors.

Light colors are preferred in the interior of the house. In this way, a spacious environment has been created. The most striking thing in the house is a tiny fireplace; You can have romantic moments on cold evenings.

The living room at the entrance looks very comfortable. This place can also be used as a bed. With a multifunction table, this place can be converted into a dining room and offers seating for up to six people. You can put a single guest bed on the mezzanine above this area or use it as a storage area.

A notable part of the house is the kitchen; It was designed quite wide and covered almost half of the house. There is a special place for a sink, oven, stove, mini refrigerator and even a toaster inside. Next to the kitchen is a toilet and a bathroom

It is designed as the master bedroom at the top of the kitchen. This place looks pretty cute and you can watch the view from the small window at the back. You can climb here up the stairs in the kitchen.

For detailed information about Cabane Tiny House, check out the CABANE website.

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