Margarita Tiny House

Margarita Tiny House

Today, we will introduce you to Margarita Tiny House, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

This tiny house is located on Florida’s Siesta Key Beach. Tiny House is rented by Siesta. It offers the opportunity to stay up to six people.

When viewed from the outside, Margarita Tiny House represents happiness with its colorful structure. The harmony of yellow and other colors on the outside looks very nice. You can have a pleasant conversation with your family in the front area.

Light colors are preferred in the interior of the house and create an atmosphere of happiness thanks to the color of the objects. Yellow colors are used inside.

There is an armchair and LCD TV in the living room. Wide and useful. You can also place a table here and use it as a dining room.

The kitchen is on the side of the living room, there is a microwave, sink, refrigerator.

There is a room with bunk beds on the side of the kitchen. The bunk beds are designed for two persons. Four people can stay in this room. You can climb the stairs on the side of this room to the upper bedroom. This bedroom is double.

To the left of the entrance door is the toilet and bathroom, and this area is a large and useful area.

Margarita Tiny House overnight rent is $ 153. To learn more, visit the Tiny House Siesta website

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