Artistic Tiny House Gypsy Mermaid

Artistic Tiny House Gypsy Mermaid

Interest in minimalist lives is increasing day by day. Today we will introduce you to the Artistic Tiny House Gypsy Mermaid, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

The Florida couple Rebekah and Robert Sofia built their own house and named it the Gypsy mermaid. This tiny house made in a different design attracts attention with its artistic structure.

Recycled materials were used during the construction phase of the house and a different design emerged. Cedar veneer and corrugated metal lining are used on the exterior. These two structures added a different atmosphere to the house. Windows that were used in the past were restored and used.


The interior of the house reflects the gypsy mermaid name. The house looks very stylish with its very colorful and artistic structure. White color was used on the walls and a spacious environment was created by choosing large windows. Hand-carved curved beams on the ceiling draw attention. A different atmosphere is added to the house with other artistic objects used in the house.

There is a living room at the entrance of the house. The colorful seat here looks very comfortable.

With colorful cabinets, the kitchen looks very stylish. It has all the necessary equipment to cook delicious meals. The handmade copper lid oven looks very nice. The dining room on the side of the kitchen looks very beautiful with its colorful structure and stylish chandelier.

In the upper part of the kitchen is the bedroom. This area is reached by a ladder with storage lockers.

There is a toilet and a bathroom on the right side of the entrance to the house. It looks very stylish with the trough sink, shower and pebble floor. Above this area, there is an area that is used as a storage area.

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