Park Model Tiny Houses

Park Model Tiny Houses

Today we will introduce you Park Model Tiny Houses from Pocket House.

These tiny houses of Pocket House are made with contemporary design and high quality materials. Pocket House is located in Alberta, Canada. This Park Model Tiny Houses extends from 538 m2 to 1100 m2.

Completely made with quality materials, the house looks very solid. However, the company offers a guarantee on its products. It offers a two-year warranty on workmanship and material, a five-year warranty on all defects, and a ten-year warranty on structural defects. This warranty is considered the most effective in Canada.

Pocket House offers 19 models. Park models include full size appliances, kitchens and storage areas. Some bedroom and living room designs have 3.8 m ceilings and large windows. There are areas for washing machine, dryer.

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