The Element Tiny House

The Element Tiny House


Today, we continue to examine tiny houses suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

Dan Louche designs tiny houses and builds these houses they designed. We will examine one of the most affordable houses, The Element.

The Element has a modern look and has a porch-like structure. This design gave the tiny house a different contemporary structure.

Tiny House Builders designed many small houses. By making these designs together with its customers, it builds houses more suitable for their use.

Light colors are used in Element and a spacious environment is created at home. There is a spacious kitchen in the house. There is a useful dining area, toilet, bathroom and a sitting area where you can spend good time with your loved ones. It is designed as a bookcase above the seating area.

The mezzanine above the sofa is designed as a bedroom. Accessible by stairs.

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