Sauna/Bathroom in VIVA Collectiv

Sauna/Bathroom in VIVA Collectiv


Today we will introduce you the tiny house built in different designs.

The winter months have come and the weather has turned cold. The best way to survive cold weather is to heat our tiny homes with a sauna.

VIVA Colectiv’s small house has a stove-heated bathroom. Most tiny homes have little space for a bathroom, but this tiny home has a sauna. The bath / sauna can be closed with a sliding door.

This tiny house was built in Northern California. The house has a bathtub, cedar covered walls, and a stove that heats a stone-filled kettle. Bathroom door glass is frosted and sliding. All you need is to get into the snow after a hot sauna session.

The house has two mezzanine floors. The interior of the house is designed with wooden coating suitable for sauna. The living space is small but has a complete kitchen. The staircase that can reach the mezzanines is made of wood. For bedroom privacy, the mezzanines are covered with solid woods.