Wonderful Tiny Houses in Ireland

Wonderful Tiny Houses in Ireland

Today we will introduce you to the tiny single-storey house built in Ireland.

Across the pond, this tiny house looks amazing. The smart little homes of Big Man Tiny Homes make minimalist lives easier. Big Man Tiny Homes are located in Cork, Ireland.

JP Simpson’s company, Big Man Tiny Homes, is Europe’s leading SIPS manufacturer. It provides a 20-year warranty as well as three designs in each home.

All single-storey houses have separate bedrooms, toilets and bathrooms. Each house is designed according to the needs of the customers. The siding is specially designed.

The company’s three designs include 480 m2 ACORN, 480 m2 OAK and 450 m2 ASH designs. Their prices range from $ 59,600 to $ 65,000. ACORN has a kitchen, two bedrooms. OAK has a living room, kitchen and two bedrooms. ASH has only one bedroom and dining area.

To learn more, visit the Big Man Tiny Homes site.