Maidla Nature Villa by b210 in Estonya

Maidla Nature Villa by b210 in Estonya

Interest in minimalist life is increasing day by day. We continue to discover new tiny houses for you. People are looking for a new alternative life to get away from the city crowd and relax. Who does not want to spend time in peace in nature? Today we will introduce you to ‘Maidla Nature Villa by b210 in Estonia’, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

Located in a wetland in Estonia, this tiny house was designed by b210 Architects, inspired by nature. This 28 square meter house is located in birch trees and is surrounded by knee-deep water during the flood season.

The house is accessed by an elevated boardwalk. Raised terraces surround the house. It is a good idea to take a canoe trip here and approach the terrace by canoe.

The house is designed to accommodate 2 people. The interior of the house, which has sharp edges in the shape of a triangle, feels quite rustic. This tiny getaway house offers its guests the opportunity to live comfortably and peacefully, as well as to have a holiday.

Located on the grounds of an old manor, the house offers its visitors the opportunity to see different historical buildings and enjoy the natural scenery. Who wouldn’t want to live in this tiny house among the trees in the wetland.

While the house was being built, it was built without damaging the existing birch trees. Designed to be 1 m above the ground, the house has a terrace where you can catch the morning sun, a tiered roof to enjoy the sunset. There are many bird species in the surrounding area, so the house also functions as a bird watching tower.


The interior of the house is filled with contemporary Estonian design. It has all the amenities one would find in a small but luxurious hotel room. There is a mini kitchen counter and a mini bar for morning tea or coffee. The living room has a double bed and soft pillows. Guests can watch the panoramic view around the warm fireplace in the living room. The small bedroom has a very modern design. The bathroom with floor-to-ceiling mirrors has a large shower and toilet.

For more information about ‘Maidla Nature Villa by b210 in Estonia’ visit the b210 website.

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