Gorgeous Portal Tiny House

Gorgeous Portal Tiny House

Today we will introduce you to a Portal tiny house in a beautiful garden.

The Australian builder “Tiny House Company” has created a tiny house on wheels called Portal, born of a collaboration between two architects and a builder.

This tiny house of 18 m2 has furniture with the most technological innovations that transform the space with great functionality. The focus is on the space-saving custom-made retractable mattress.

This tiny house looks beautiful among the greenery. It has a front porch. Gray and white colors are preferred outside.

White and wood colors are preferred in the tiny house. The interior of the house has adapted to the outside environment. When we enter the house, the thing that attracts attention is the flowers. The environment outside is reflected in the interior. The windows of the house are ideally sized and create a spacious environment inside.

There is a large kitchen inside the house and this kitchen covers almost all of this tiny house. The cupboard section opposite the kitchen is used as a storage area and can turn into a dining table or work table when opened.

On the left side of the kitchen, there is a large, useful toilet and bathroom. It looks very stylish in the flower in the bathroom. Right above the bathroom, there is a loft area with stairs that can be used as a bedroom or to store large items.

On the right side of the kitchen is the large living room. The living room also transforms into a bedroom. The bed is powered by a wall-mounted rail system with a remote controlled winch. The bed is above the living room during the day and lowered to the sofa at the press of a button for the night. The wall on which the bed is mounted includes floor-to-ceiling storage.

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