Peacock Tiny Home

Peacock Tiny Home

Today we will introduce you to Peacock Tiny Home, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

Peacock was designed and built by Old Hippe Woodworking. This tiny house is an hour from Las Vegas and is available for rent.

Peacock has two floors. Part of the second floor is used as a terrace. The terrace can be reached by a ladder from the side of the house. You can have pleasant moments with your loved ones and watch the stars on the terrace. On the side of the stairs is the entrance door of the house. The windows are made in the ideal size.

The interior of the house has adapted to the outside and is completely made of wood. Some parts of the walls on the side were painted white and this added freshness to the house. Curtains used on the windows look very stylish. The objects used inside have adapted to the structure of the house.

The living room welcomes you at the entrance of Peacock Tiny Home. When the seat here is opened, it turns into a double bed. There is an area to the side of the entrance door that you can use as a dining table or a work desk. You can watch outside from the big window next to this area. Opposite the table is the staircase used to go upstairs.

There is a kitchen on the side of the stairs. Storage cabinets in the kitchen are quite large. You can watch the view from the windows here. There is a toilet and a washbasin just opposite.

There is a large bedroom on the mezzanine above this section. The windows on both sides of the bedroom allow you to watch the view.

For more information check out the Old Hippe Woodworking website.