Monocle Tiny House by Wind River

Monocle Tiny House by Wind River

Today, we will introduce you to the Monocle Tiny House by Wind River, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

Monocle is a house on wheels designed by the Wind River Tiny Homes company. This tiny house was built for a Californian couple.

Fascinating the eyes with its luxurious and comfortable appearance, this tiny house attracts attention with its rustic design. The exterior of the house is covered with cedar. Gray and white colors are preferred, adding a different visuality to the house. By using wide doors and many windows, daylight is used in the best way.

The interior of the house looks very beautiful with its modern design and luxurious structure. A different touch is added with warm woods. White color is preferred on the walls, creating a spacious environment inside.

The kitchen is built in a modern design and open shelves are used. There are all the necessary equipment to cook delicious meals. There is also a dining table in this area.

There is a blue sofa in the area used as the living room opposite the entrance door. There is a ladder-shaped bookcase and specially designed shelves on its side. The fireplace in this area has added a different atmosphere to the house.

One of the most striking features of this tiny house is that it has a bathtub. You can enjoy the scenery around while enjoying pleasant moments in the bathroom. The bathroom has a shower head, sink, pebble tiled floor as well as a bathtub. There is a bedroom above the bathroom.

To learn more about Monocle Tiny House by Wind River, visit the Wind River Tiny Homes website.

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