Grand Sojourner Tiny House with Three Bedrooms

Grand Sojourner Tiny House with Three Bedrooms

Interest in minimalist lives is increasing day by day. Today we will introduce you to the Grand Sojourner Tiny House with Three Bedrooms, which is suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

Grand Sojourner Tiny House is a house on wheels produced by Hauslein. Built for families who want to make their lives smaller, this house has three bedrooms. This 9-meter-long house offers a living space of 32 square meters.

The exterior and modern design of the house fascinate the eyes. Designed with durable cedar and aluminum coating on the exterior. Windows are made of double glazing.

The interior of the house looks quite spacious. The floors are made of pine. A spacious environment is created in the house by using white color on the walls. A different atmosphere is created with the harmony of colors.

The kitchen looks very stylish with its modern design. The kitchen is equipped with large storage cabinets. It has all the necessary equipment to cook delicious meals. At the same time, an area has been created on the side of the entrance door that is used as a dining table with two stools.

The living room has a comfortable armchair and opposite TV and a shelf space.

A bed and a wardrobe were placed in the bedroom on the ground floor. This area can be used for different purposes according to the wishes of the customers.

The lofts on both sides of the house can be used as bedrooms. These areas can be reached by stairs.

The bathroom is on the side of the kitchen. It attracts attention with its wide and stylish design. Inside, there is a shower, washing machine, towel cabinets and toilet.

To learn more about Grand Sojourner Tiny House with Three Bedrooms, visit the Häuslein Tiny House website.