The Wanderer Tiny House

The Wanderer Tiny House

Interest in minimalist lives is growing every day. Today, We will introduce you to.The Wanderer Tiny House, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

This tiny house is manufactured by Summit Tiny Homes, a firm based in Wanderer, Venon, British Colombia, Canada. Suitable for continuous travel, this house was produced on wheels. Its starting price is $ 53,861.

This modern structure is built on 175 sqft and 22’x8.5 ‘trailer. Ready to travel full time and produced with light materials.

The house is designed very modern from the outside. The wooden coating on the outside adds a different atmosphere to the house. It has six windows and the windows are large. The deck at the entrance can be opened and closed.

The interior of the house is designed simple and stylish. White color is preferred for the walls and dark blue color is preferred for the cabinets. Due to the large windows, daylight is best used.

The main living area includes a kitchen and living area. It has all the necessary equipment to make great meals in the kitchen. The sofa on the opposite side can be opened. You can also use it as a bed.

There is a toilet and a bathroom at the entrance of the house. The upper part of this area can be used differently depending on the purpose.

There is a bedroom at the far end of the house. You can watch the view from the window in the bedroom.

For more information on The Wanderer Tiny House, you can check the Summit Tiny Homes website.

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