Small Spaces CLE Tiny House

Small Spaces CLE Tiny House

Today, we will introduce you to the new tiny houses designed by Small Spaces.

Carl Baldasare, owner of Small Spaces CLE, lived on a sailboat with a bag and DVD. That’s why he knows what it’s like to live in a tiny space and started the company to build affordable luxury and innovative homes. He proceeded on this road, developing on small houses and small cabins on wheels.

Currently, Small Spaces CLE offers three THOW models ranging in price from $ 63,000-69,000.

UltraLight is a mobile THOW with a rooftop. It is the smallest version between 128-192 square feet. It has been developed as a more mobile version. Several floor plans are available and can be configured with three sleeping areas.

The 192 m2 Loftview is the most popular model. It has a simple living area, kitchen, bathroom and stairs leading to the roof.

Empty Nester can also be ordered between 192-238 m2. This model, which does not have a penthouse and is ordered as a single storey, is preferred by customers who do not want a ladder and roof model. A rolling bed opens under the seating or dining area.

Small Spaces is located in CLE, Ohio. However, it sells its houses throughout the country. The company also designs office and commercial buildings.

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