Rafter B Tiny Homes

Rafter B Tiny Homes

Today we will introduce you Rafter B Tiny Homes.

Rafter B Tiny Homes, the cattle brand used by the family for livestock, is the epitome of Texas style.

Owned by Gerald Barton and JJ Barton, Rafter B Tiny Homes is located in Texas Bluff Dale, south of Fort Worth. The family business builds and sells tiny houses of various sizes and designs.

The New Beginning model was the company’s first design for sale. It is 343 m2 in total with two penthouses. It has a wide area. It has a complete bathroom and kitchen. There are storage compartments on the stairs leading to the roof floor. It has a triangular roof, large windows, granite countertops and seating.

The Homestead model features the old farmhouse design. The main floor is 192 m2 and the penthouse is 72 m2. If necessary, an additional attic can be added. Homestead features vintage touches, awning windows and countertop.

Rafter B stands out when it comes to quality and certificates. Each home has been inspected and certified by Pacific West Tiny Homes. The facility is regularly audited. Rafter B supports local veterans. The company builds a house for a veteran every year.