Cube Tiny House

Cube Tiny House


Today, we will introduce you to a new tiny house suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

Nestron is a well-established company headquartered in Singapore. It specializes in architectural design, manufacturing and engineering projects. The missions in Legend and Cuba products offer a comfortable life with fully prefabricated, environmentally friendly and smart homes.

If you are a fan of innovation and design, you might be interested in Nestron’s new design Cuba One. The Cuba One comes in a galvanized steel shell with built-in furniture. It has a small kitchen with a bar counter for dining, a large bed, toilet and bathroom. The Cuba One is designed to withstand a variety of temperatures and storms and there are no emissions in every home.

Insulation is made of non-toxic materials. Wooden panels are moisture resistant. 90% of the materials used in the construction process can be recycled. In addition, houses do not need basic equipment. It can be placed on a flat surface.

The company currently offers two home collections: Legend One, Legend Two and Cuba One, Cuba Two. The Legend collection has more traditional lines. Cuba Two is designed to accommodate a small family with two bedroom options. Cuba One starts at $ 30,000. Nestron can ship its products to anywhere in the world.

For more information check the Nestron website.