Metro Tiny House

Metro Tiny House


Today, we will introduce you to a tiny house suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

Metro Tiny House was built on a custom house trailer from the Great Northern in southern Oregon.

Looking at the exterior of the house, a different house design welcomes us. Its roof is formed in a few pieces in a large press.

This tiny house is designed as an Airbnb or a spare bedroom in the backyard. The material cost was over $ 37,000. Design differences can be made according to customers’ living conditions. For information about the plan here

The entrance door of the house draws attention. There is a kitchen at the entrance. The kitchen is useful and spacious. Compartments are placed to store your belongings. You can go up the stairs to the second floor. After the kitchen is the living room and dining room. There is a toilet and a bathroom just ahead. On the second floor of the house there is a large bedroom and a terrace.