Tiny Tim, Fully autonomous Tiny House

Tiny Tim, Fully autonomous Tiny House


Today we will introduce you a tiny house with multiple features.

This tiny house was built by FARO architects Jurgen Van Der Ploeg and Hans Peter Föllmi.This portable tiny house has roofs covered with solar panels. There are two wind turbines and a water filtration system on the roof. It is completely autonomous due to all these features.

PVT panels designed to be completely independent are placed on the roof for heating and electricity. A wind turbine suitable for strong winds and a wind turbine for low wind speeds are installed. A large tank consisting of 500 liters of hot water and two lithium-ion batteries completes the installation.

The green wall placed behind the house is innovative as it is used to filter water with a system of plants with treatment stations and water tanks.

Sustainable Student Homes Project

The interior layout is inspired by sailboat cabins. Modular, for example, the kitchen counter folds down to provide access to the bathroom under the mezzanine.

It can be transported by a flatbed trailer or crane truck.

This tiny house with different features is single, double and micro village. Basic dimensions: 6,3 x 2,5 (Excluding Green Wall). It starts from basic prices up to 14500 Euro – 62500 Euro depending on the options.

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