Panorama Glass Lodge Tiny House

Panorama Glass Lodge Tiny House

The interest in minimalist lives is increasing day by day. Today, we will introduce you to Panorama Glass Lodge Tiny House, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

Sleeping under the stars is no longer a dream. Panorama Glass Lodge Tiny House is located in Hvalfjordur, Iceland. It is rented by the firm Panaroma Glass Lodge.

This tiny house not only offers the opportunity to see the Northern lights, but also offers an excellent view. The house is half an hour away from Reykjavik and is located by the sea. In this way, it provides complete privacy.

The tiny house is the love labor of a family in Reykjavik. The house was created as a result of a lot of planning and design and offers its guests a unique view where they can sleep under the glass ceiling and watch the stars.

The house is made of steel wood and glass lining. This 23 square meter house offers accommodation for two people. You can relax at 40 ° C in the bathtub outside the house and have romantic moments. You can spend pleasant moments on the outside deck.


The interior of the house is designed quite differently. In the front there is a double bed and it is completely glass. This way, you can enjoy the view from the bed and watch the northern stars in the evening.

Kitchen cabinets are made of aged wood and showcase a different breeze. The kitchen has all the necessary equipment that you can cook well. On the opposite side, there is a double dining table.

The toilet and bathroom in this small house are very differently designed and luxuriously made.

For more information about Panorama Glass Lodge Tiny House, check out the Panorama Glass Lodge website.

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