Haus Smart Tiny House

Haus Smart Tiny House

The interest in minimalist lives is growing day by day and the trend towards smart homes is increasing. Today we will introduce you to Haus Smart Tiny House, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

This tiny smart home is manufactured by company in Newcatle, USA. It is designed to be earthquake resistant and portable.

The house is an autonomous unit that can operate entirely on solar energy. The house does not need electricity, firewood, natural gas or any other fuel. It completely generates its own energy. It uses its own panels for heating, cooling and electricity.

All models can be controlled by remote control. It is equipped with advanced technology devices and equipment. In addition, a bioactive sewage system is used to treat water.

The house has three types of models. Bedroom and square meter vary accordingly.

The exterior of the house is covered with a white coating. It has large floor-to-ceiling windows. Panels are placed on the roof part.

White colors are preferred for the interior of the house, as for the exterior. Inside the house there is a kitchen, living room, toilet and bathroom. The bedroom varies according to the model of the house.

For more information on Haus Smart Tiny House, visit the website.

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