Fire Resistant Tiny House

Fire Resistant Tiny House


Today, we continue to examine new houses suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

Vina Lustado, designer and owner of the Sol Haus and Sol Pod homes. He is a top designer.

Vina, a California resident, saw the devastating and bad effects of wildfires and reflected this effect in her designs. She set an example by designing permissible and fire-resistant houses as ADU in California.

In this chapter
  • A tiny house with legal permission and certificate
  • What does modular and ‘pre-fab’ mean
  • Building a house using environmentally friendly materials
  • What are the elements that make up a tiny fire resistant house.
  • Movable and immobile tiny houses
  • Annex Q, IRC, ANSI and Vina’s ways to adapt
  • What do the different types of certificates mean?
  • How can Vina homes get certified and legal permit for their customers?
  • Why is a house certified in CA approved in other states?
  • Work on the foundation of a small house
  • Living in a normal home after a small house
  • What awaits us in the future regarding tiny houses.

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Sol Haus Design

Vina’s tiny house