Bird Box Tiny House in Norway

Bird Box Tiny House in Norway

While the interest in minimalist lives increases day by day, the landscape becomes the focal point. Today we will introduce you to Bird Box Tiny House in Norway, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

This tiny house attracts attention with its unique nature view. This tiny house, inspired by the Norwegian mountains, is produced by the company Livit. This house that can be rented offers its customers a wonderful experience of meeting with nature.

This tiny house is designed to bring its customers closer to nature. This house, which can adapt to all kinds of weather conditions, can be placed in the desired location by crane or helicopter. It can be placed on columns for minimum footprint.

Houses are designed in two different ways. These are mini and medi. Mini: 2.1 m x 3 m, Medi: 2.5 m x 5.1 m.

The outer walls of the house are made of black panels and are resistant to all weather conditions. By using black insulated glass, integrity is created outdoors. It allows users to watch all kinds of views with its large windows. Birdbox can also be designed with solar panels.

Mini model has a double bed, place for two ottomans and a coffee table. The other model medi, on the other hand, is furnished with a larger room, a large bed, coffee table and sitting area.

There is a separate bathroom outside the house. The bathroom offers the opportunity to watch the view with black glass.

Two models can be rented through Airbnb. Mini night is $ 165, Medi is $ 263. Please contact Livit to purchase these models.

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