The shining star of tiny home forests

The shining star of tiny home forests

Today, we will introduce you to a tiny house, the shining star of the forests.

This tiny house, designed by Guillermo Acuna Arqutectos Asociados (GAAA), has a polycarbonate wall to reflect the shadows of the trees during the day and make it clear at night. GAAA has positioned this tiny 54 m2 house in Chile with a forest on one side and a river on the other.

This tiny house is made of a chile pine tree. It creates shade with colored mesh walls at daytime, and shines with light at night. The house has sloping walls and a curved roof made of Chilean pine wood. The outer cover acts as a cover in storms and rain.

GAA designed this house by addressing three basic issues in the construction; trees, leaves and photosynthesis. The building of the house took 20 days.

This house was built independently of the mains and placed on a wooden terrace.

The house has three floors. In the front of the ground floor, there is a living room with wood stove and kitchenette. There is a small bathroom in the middle and a bedroom at the back. It also features glass doors. The upper floors are getting smaller and smaller due to the sloping walls of the house. You can reach the upper floors by enjoying the forest view with a staircase.

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