Connect Homes, Steel Construction Tiny House

Connect Homes, Steel Construction Tiny House


Today we will introduce you to a tiny steel construction house.

Founded by architects Jared Levy and Gordon Stott, Connect Homes are trying to stretch Los Angeles’ modern lifestyle to smaller dimensions. Connect Homes bring open plans to the fore and get lots of natural light.

Connect Homes offers 15 models ranging from 460 square feet to 3200 square feet. The two best models for tiny home clients are the 460 square feet Connect 1 with a bedroom and bathroom, Connect 2 is 640 square feet with a spacious bedroom and a bathroom.

These two tiny homes all have floor-to-ceiling glass walls that make them appear larger than they are. They are made with steel frames and siding. Inside, there is fresh air, smart thermostats and ERV system for multi-sliding doors, windows.

The houses were built in a prefab factory in San Bernardino, California. The planning, design, licensing, construction and installation process of the house takes about six to twelve months. After the houses are built, they are ready for installation.