Tiny Cabin in the countryside in Utrecht

Tiny Cabin in the countryside in Utrecht

Today we will introduce you to Tiny Cabin in the countryside in Utrecht, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

This cabin is located in the countryside of Utrecht, Netherlands. The project was made in collaboration between Zecc and interior designer Roel van Norel.

The owners of the house have converted their old houses into a garden house. The house is built of wood and its facade opens to the garden with shutters on the windows. The cabin, which has a triangular roof, also has a chimney.

The house looks very modern from the outside, with one facade completely closed, and its front and side facade completely glass. With movable shutters, the direction of the view and sunlight can be utilized in the best way. With the shutters closed, the house gains a closed character.

The interior of the house is designed very modern. Since the two facades are completely glass, a spacious environment is created inside. Inside, wooden coating has been made and in this way the nature is harmonized. The interior of the house looks very wide due to the triangular roof.

The kitchen in the main living area of ​​the house is very useful. There are many cabinets on the same facade. Opposite the kitchen is a dining table for six. At the same time, there is a fireplace on the side.

There is a very large toilet and bathroom on the side of the kitchen. It also has a lavobo on its side.

The opposite side of the toilet and bathroom is designed as a bedroom. Above this part, there is a second bedroom on the mezzanine. This area can be used differently depending on the purpose.

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