Tiny Private House on the Beach

Tiny Private House on the Beach


Today, we continue to examine new tiny houses suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

Not everyone can buy a luxury house on the beach, but how about owning a small house in the beachside mood? Bridget McMullin of the McMullin Design Group now has a small, wheeled house that can be pulled behind the vehicle with an optional ‘beach’ shaped patio.
Bridget McMullin designed this tiny house and named it ‘Moxie’.

The McMullin Design Group has been designing private homes for over 18 years. McMullin bought a travel caravan to live near the Jersey Shore beaches. Due to his annoyance with the quality of most trailers, an idea came to him to design a tiny house for him.

The Beach Mini has an optional useful porch for extra space. Beach minis start at $ 70,000. They are made in sizes 24 ‘, 28’, 32 ‘and last four to six months. Each design is custom and will be designed according to customers’ budget. In houses, there can be bedrooms both on the main floor and on the attic. Optional porch can be added after the house is placed on the site.