Absolutely Fabulous The Harvest Tiny Home

Absolutely Fabulous The Harvest Tiny Home

Tiny houses are increasing in popularity day by day due to their functional design and versatile use despite their small size. Today we will introduce you to the ‘Absolutely Fabulous The Harvest Tiny Home’, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

These houses are usually designed to save space. At the same time, the fact that they are less costly and environmentally friendly increases the reason for choosing these houses. These houses are usually single storey. Generally, these houses are located away from the settlements and in the natural environment.

Tiny houses have a wide variety of designs. There are different types such as wooden structures, tiny houses on wheels, container houses. These houses offer multifunctionality to meet basic needs such as living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. If you want to design your own tiny house, you should examine different houses and find the tiny house that suits your lifestyle. You can step into the minimalist life of your dreams by browsing the other tiny houses on our website.

The Harvest Tiny Home

This gorgeous tiny house on wheels is a house manufactured and offered for sale by Mustard Seed Tiny Homes Company. The firm brings you a fresh and luxurious approach to tiny home design.

The house looks very charming and stylish from the outside. White tones are used on the exterior. Black color was preferred on the roof, and the harmony of contrasting colors added a different atmosphere to the house. The patio area at the entrance of the house connects the exterior and interior spaces.

When we entered the interior of the house, I fell in love with its unique style and the selected objects. A cozy atmosphere was created in the interior of the house by using light colors.

The main living area of ​​the tiny house includes a full-size kitchen area and living room. A french door is preferred at the entrance of the house. A part of the kitchen counter is used as a dining table.

At the same time, there is a bathroom, study area and master bedroom downstairs. There is a bedroom for children or guests on the attic floor, which is accessed by stairs.

This tiny house is the ideal size for singles, couples and a small family.


Absolutely Fabulous The Harvest Tiny Home

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