Gorgeous Vesta Tiny House by California Tiny House

Gorgeous Vesta Tiny House by California Tiny House

We continue to discover new tiny houses with different designs for you. Today we will introduce you to ‘Gorgeous Vesta Tiny House by California Tiny House’ suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

The demand for tiny houses is increasing day by day and continues to increase. Even if a tiny home is a modern and luxurious tiny home, it costs homeowners less than owning a full-size home. The affordable cost increases the interest in these houses.

These houses are also easier to maintain than other houses. You can place these houses in any location where you will feel peaceful. These houses bring their owners closer to nature and allow them to find peace. Visit our website to build your own tiny house and examine different models.

Vesta Tiny House

This gorgeous tiny house is manufactured by California Tiny House. This model is designed by combining the most requested features and materials. Vesta is also the mythological goddess of the hearth and home.

The house looks pretty great from the outside. Clean lines and ingenious simplicity contributed to this design. The length of the house is 37.5′, width 10.5′ and height 13.5′.

When we enter the house, a modern design welcomes us. Natural light extends the tiny home experience beyond four walls. Large windows connecting the indoor and outdoor environments offer the opportunity to watch the view and make the most of daylight.

The living area has a comfortable armchair and TV. The kitchen is very beautiful with its stylish design and cabinets. Making the kitchen counter on both sides provides the opportunity to cook more comfortably. There is also a dining table in this area. Next to the kitchen is the bathroom. It looks very cozy with a double bed in the bedroom.


Gorgeous Vesta Tiny House by California Tiny House

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