The Glass Tiny House: Hill Country Home Escape

The Glass Tiny House: Hill Country Home Escape

Interest in tiny houses is increasing day by day and tiny houses are becoming a trend. We continue to discover new tiny houses for you. Today we will introduce you to ‘The Glass Tiny House: Hill Country Home Escape’, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

People are looking for different alternatives to get away from the city crowd and spend a peaceful time on the weekends. For this reason, tiny houses are becoming a trend and the number is increasing day by day. Living in a tiny house has some advantages.

Our tiny house, which we will introduce to you today, is located in the Texas Hill Country. Glass Tiny House is a magical getaway. The house, which can be rented through Airbnb, offers a magnificent life to its guests.

Located just an hour from San Antonio, Glass Tiny House is a seclusion on 72 acres of rolling hills. Glass walls offer an endless view of nature, wildlife and under the stars. Sleeping under the stars in Texas Hill Country is a good idea.

To learn more about The Glass Tiny House: Hill Country Home Escape, visit the Airbnb website.

Let’s take a look at the features of The Glass House.

The Glass House

Enjoy lounging under the stars. The house is surrounded by windows on three sides. You can take the bed out or stay inside to enjoy the night sky and nature. At the same time, you can enjoy a warm fire next to your bed.

The bed with luxury linens looks very comfortable. There is a buffalo skull on the top of the headboard.

To the right of the room is the kitchenette. Large floor-to-ceiling windows open to endless views.

You can drink your morning coffee indoors and outdoors. Both have beautiful views. Who doesn’t want to drink coffee while their birds are chirping?

There is a luxury bathroom on the left side of the house.

The glass garage door is made so you can sleep inside or pull the bed under the stars.

You can barbecue in the outside deck area.

You can have romantic moments in the jacuzzi and sip your wine.

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