Rustic-Looking Tiny House Made Using Grain Silo

Rustic-Looking Tiny House Made Using Grain Silo

Interest in minimalist life is increasing day by day. Today we will introduce you to ‘Rustic-Looking Tiny House Made Using Grain Silo’, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

This rustic-looking tiny house was designed by Amy of Old Worlds Antieks to make her dreams come true. With antique and carefully chosen decor throughout, this tiny house offers a comfortable living space.

This house was built using a silo. The addition of an inviting front porch to the home offered a comfortable outdoor living space. It is an ideal place to drink coffee in the morning and enjoy the view at sunset. The aged unique additions on the windows of the house look very stylish.

You don’t feel like the interior of the house is in a granary. With its rustic look, a different atmosphere is felt. These old objects collected from antique dealers add a different atmosphere to every corner of the house.

There is a sitting area at the entrance of the house. This area is used as a reading area. The sitting area is in the part of the silo. This space features a gramophone, comfortable armchairs, a wall-mounted storage basket, a wooden chest, and an antique lamp.

The bedroom of the house has a very rustic look. When you look at the windows, the dentist’s writings attract attention. The bed is modern and comfortable. You can be sure of a great night’s sleep in classically designed bedding.

There is a simple bathroom for your needs. A medicine cabinet hangs above the sink in the rustic-looking bathroom. The dangling light fixture gives the space a much-needed feminine glow.


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