Dunlop Hollow A-Frame Tiny House

Dunlop Hollow A-Frame Tiny House

Tiny houses are becoming a trend in the world. We continue to discover new tiny houses for you. Today we will introduce you to the ‘Dunlop Hollow A-Frame Tiny House’, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

People are looking for an alternative lifestyle to get away from the city crowd and relax on the weekends. Therefore, the interest in tiny houses is increasing. A tiny house sometimes has advantages over other houses.

Dunlap Hollow, which we will introduce to you today, is one of the most stylish and modern houses I have seen recently. If you want to stay in this house, you can rent it.

The house is located on a large 34-acre property in the Hocking Hills of Rockbridge, Ohio. It is surrounded by sandstone cliffs and waterfall in a beautiful forest.

The A-Frame house has a very majestic appearance from the outside. The deck area around the house offers a peaceful life outside in the natural life.

Modern designed interior

This house, which is quite spacious for a small house, offers accommodation for up to 10 people. A modern and striking building, the A-Frame house has a warm and elegant feel. A very spacious atmosphere awaits you inside.

The main living area of ​​the house has a large and useful kitchen, hanging wood stove and living room. It offers accommodation for 10 people, with one king bedroom, two queen bedrooms and a loft with a built-in king bed and two single bunk beds with top storage. At the same time, the bathroom of the house has a very modern look.

For more information on Dunlop Hollow A-Frame Tiny House or to rent, visit the Dunlop Hollow website.

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