Bookwarm Tiny Cabin

Bookwarm Tiny Cabin

Today, we will introduce you to Bookwarm Tiny Cabin, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

Located in the Polish countryside, this 35 m2 wooden designed house, named Bookwarm Tiny Cabin, is an ideal place to stay alone with nature on weekends, winter, summer. The decor designed by Bartlomiej Kraciuk is a work by Marta Puchalska-Kraciuk. You can set up next to the stove by being alone with the hundreds of books in the library.

The outside of the house is wooden. Its roof is made in a different geometry. You can listen to the sounds of birds on the deck at the front while staying alone with nature. The façade of the house is made of floor-to-ceiling glass windows, thus benefiting from sunlight inside the house.

In the interior of the house, wood is used in order to provide unity with nature. The most striking thing inside are the books in the bookshelves. You can have pleasant moments away from the system by being alone with hundreds of books.

In the main living area, the armchairs in the living room look quite comfortable. You can spend time alone with your loved ones around the stove and read a book. The kitchenette on the opposite side is very stylishly designed. There is a dining table on the side.

You can climb the stairs on the left to the upstairs bedroom. The lower part of the stairs is designed as a toilet and a bathroom. It looks natural in the upstairs bedroom. You can watch the nature view across from the bed.

Bookwarm Tiny Cabin can be rented. For detailed information, visit website.

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