Wonderful Ecologicel House 3.0 by Noem

Wonderful Ecologicel House 3.0 by Noem

We continue to discover new tiny houses for you. Today we will introduce you to the ‘Wonderful Ecologicel House 3.0 by Noem’, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

This modular house is a prefab house designed by Noem. The 67.5 square meter house is located in Spain. The house is commanded from a smartphone and digitally designed to ensure maximum energy efficiency.

This house consists of two modules. The large module is designed as 9 x 4.5 m and the small module is designed as 9 x 3 m.

9 x 4.5 m Module Features
  • 1 Living room
  • 1 Hall
  • 1 Dining Room
  • 1 Kitchen
9 x 3 m Module Features
  • 1 bedroom
  • 1 guest room
  • 1 Study room that can be converted into a double bedroom
  • 1 bathroom

Text description provided by the architects. A bioclimatic and technological house, built in record time with a 100% digital process. A modern and relaxing design, with 3.00 technology to automate the house from a smartphone and achieve maximum energy efficiency. What more could you ask for? The owners of this unique building wanted a digital home respectful of the environment of the Serra which they love. NOEM designed and built this modern passive house for them, and in 10 weeks finished the project.

This ecological wooden house 3.00 is 100% digital: in both its design and manufacturing process, as well as the control of its use. Digitalization has allowed us to design a bio-climatic house, optimized and intelligent, and to send this design directly to digital cutting machines without intermediation. The result, an efficient and sustainable home in every sense: economic sustainability by saving time and errors and process optimization; environmental sustainability through the intensive use of local renewable materials and a passive wooden house that is highly energy efficient.

All the equipment is interconnected via internet … even the light switches. Home automation allows not only to execute orders to increase comfort, but can also act autonomously to achieve greater energy efficiency. The HVAC system adapts to the weather forecast, the irrigation system operates according to soil moisture and rain forecast, and mechanical ventilation activates when the concentration of C02 is high. The lights can be synchronized with the schedule on a smartphone or programmed to wake us up or greet us when we get home via GPS or detectors. The switches are autonomous, without wiring, and function via radio, we can move them around and program them as we like: no electricians or cables required.

“The refugi” consists of two wood modules prefabricated in a wood shop and assembled on site, which together have a floor area of 96m2. A broad and generous porch with a large automated awning, facing south and overlooking the Serra welcomes us.

The larger module is 9×4.5 m and contains a luminous living room-dining-kitchen that connects to the porch through a large retractable window 3 meters wide, which transforms the two spaces into one. A second 9×3 m module contains a double bedroom, a bathroom and a flexible study that can turn into a double bedroom.

The modules are built with solid structural panels of laminated wood 81 mm thick. Wood fiber panels 16,00 cm thick thermally insulate the entire envelope. The facades are covered with larch wood mounted on a ventilated chamber. The glass is high performance. And inside wooden beams, parquet floors and white walls are combined.

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