Stunning Contemporary Design Tiny House

Stunning Contemporary Design Tiny House

Interest in minimalist lives is increasing day by day. Today we will introduce you to Stunning Contemporary Design Tiny House, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

This tiny house is a wheeled house built for Marjolein Jonker in the Netherlands. Designed by Wolden Studio, this house is built with natural materials. This 17 square meter house attracts attention due to its compact size and multifunctional features.

The house is inspired by the interest in minimalist lifestyles. Living small provides more freedom. It is preferred because it is one-fifth of a normal home in terms of less garbage, less cleaning area and cost in your home.


The exterior of the house is made using Scandinavian thermally modified pine wood and has been processed naturally for durability. The floor is covered with sheep wool and it is planned to keep it warm. The house looks very stylish due to its different geometric structure. It can produce its own energy with the solar panels placed on the roof floor.


The interior of the house is very useful and functional. It has large windows and roof windows. In this way, daylight is used in the best way.

A corner seat is placed in the living room. This seat is very functional as it has storage space and can turn into a four-person dining table. At the same time, it offers the opportunity to watch the view from the window on the side.

In the middle of the house there is a kitchen, a ladder with storage space and a table. The kitchen has all the necessary equipment to cook delicious meals.

You can enjoy the panoramic view while taking a bath in the bathroom. It also has a toilet inside.

In the attic there is a bedroom with panoramic view. There is a double bed and a shelf in the bedroom. It’s a good idea to watch the sky from the bed.

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