Modern Tiny House Made of Shipping Containers

Modern Tiny House Made of Shipping Containers

Interest in minimalist lives is increasing day by day. Today we will introduce you to the Modern Tiny House Made of Shipping Containers suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

This tiny house of ours is one built using a 3 x 20 ft shipping container. The house is located near Lake Taupo in New Zealand. The house, which has a magnificent lake and mountain view, was built with modern design.

The owner of the house, Brenda Kelly, has lived in the container for many years. He previously lived in different 20 ft and 40 ft containers. This 45 square meter container is its latest design.

The house has a very beautiful view. It offers a wide living space outdoors. Who wouldn’t want to watch the view from the deck area? The house is placed on a raised area and in this way a car garage is formed at the bottom.


The interior of the house fascinates the eyes with its modern design. Due to the large windows, the daylight is used in the best way and offers the opportunity to watch the view.

The living room is quite spacious. It opens to the patio area with a sliding door. The room has a comfortable armchair and TV.

The kitchen, located in the corner of the living room, is designed very stylishly with its modern gray color design. The kitchen has all the necessary equipment to cook delicious meals.

There is a double bed and a sliding wardrobe in the bedroom on the right side of the entrance to the house. The bed can be lifted up, creating more storage space.

This tiny house also has a large desk that can be turned into a bed for the guests.

There is a bathroom on the side of the study room. Inside, there is a shower cabin, washbasin, vanity table and toilet.

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