Cocoon Modules Shipping Container House

Cocoon Modules Shipping Container House

Today, we will introduce you to the Cocoon Modules Shipping Container House, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

This Tiny House is located in Athens, Greece. This house made by Cocoon Modules is made using shipping container. This 30 m2 house is 12 meters long.

The house looks very modern and cute from the outside. There is a comfortable resting area in the garden. Here you can have a pleasant conversation with your loved ones and enjoy nature.

The front of the 12 m shipping container is wooden. There is a wide window in the front. In this way, it offers the opportunity to make the most of the view.

White color was used on the walls in the interior of the house and a spacious environment was created due to the large window at the front. It looks very nice with the furniture and objects used in the interior of the house.

The main living area includes a living room and a kitchen. The living room has a colorful large L armchair and a table that you can use as a dining or study table. There are shelves above the seat. The kitchen is quite large and useful.

The toilet and bathroom on the side of the kitchen are designed very modern.

The bedroom is separated from the main living area by a partition wall. There is a bed and a large wardrobe in the bedroom. There is an opening and closing cover on the side. This area has a window for open use. This way you can enjoy the view from the bed.

To get more information about Cocoon Modules Shipping Container House, visit the cocoon modules website.

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