Allswell Tiny House by Modern Tiny Living

Allswell Tiny House by Modern Tiny Living

Interest in minimalist lives is increasing day by day. Today we will introduce you to Allswell Tiny House by Modern Tiny Living, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

This modern house is a wheeled house manufactured by the Modern Tiny Living company. This tiny house, produced for Allswell Home, a household goods brand company, is 28 square meters. The firm bought this house to promote its products.

Standing out with its fine workmanship and solid structure, this house became popular in America. It has been featured in CNN, Forbes, Yahoo Lifestyle, MSN and many more.

The exterior of the house fascinates the eyes with its modern structure. It goes well with the white exterior and corrugated metal roof. Wide windows are used and the best use of daylight.

The interior of the house looks very beautiful. White color is preferred on the walls and a spacious environment has been created inside. A visual feast was created by using blue and brown colors in the furniture.

In the kitchen, blue colored cabinets and yellow faucets attract attention. The kitchen has all the necessary equipment to cook well. You can enjoy the view while eating in the area opposite the kitchen, where there is a table in front of the window and yellow chairs.

There is a comfortable armchair and TV in the living room. It is designed as a storage area under the seat.

There is a double bed in the bedroom. You can enjoy the view in this area with a window that can be opened upwards.

There is a stylishly designed bathroom on the side of the bedroom. This area includes a large shower area, toilet, vanity table and washbasin.

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